It’s nice to see guests happy and enjoying themselves...

Hotel Eggerbräu in Imst is a real part of Tyrol in many ways but what is also great about it is that the best from the rest of the world has also been adopted.

This is especially true for the house cuisine: home-style cooking that focuses on the delicacies of Austrian and Tyrolean cuisine, accompanied by highlights from the multicultural international cuisine.

In any case, you can taste that there is a great deal of passion involved. There are tender schnitzels, golden brown and wonderfully crispy on the outside, beautifully crumbly roasts, fluffy mashed potatoes, fresh fish, crunchy vegetables, and tasty soups that really are still home-made.

The hosts shake their heads at buffets as a new-fangled bad habit; they would much rather serve and pamper their guests. And that’s what they do – with warm grandeur and a charming smile! The only concession is the salad buffet, which is extremely plentiful and always fresh. Speaking of plentiful: more for big eaters is obligatory at the Eggerbräu – something from the good old days!

There is space for up to 200 epicures in the restaurant and the hall, without any crowding. The cosiness of the restaurants adds to the enjoyment of the passionately prepared dishes, which junior chef Christoph Gruber and his team like to prepare in the best possible way from the best regional products, local alpine pastures, rivers, forests and fields.

Home-style cooking.

With fresh enthusiasm.

“Plentiful and delicious” was already written on the Eggerbräu’s menus a hundred years ago.

This was especially fresh produce from local farmers, rivers, forests and fields, prepared according to traditional recipes – the way it tastes best. On top of that: freshly-tapped beer from Schloss Starkenberg brewery, good wines – preferably of Austrian and South Tyrolean origin, fresh water from Imst, and fruit drinks from the region. Today, of course, our menus sound a little more modern. Especially since junior Christoph Gruber has been shaping our cuisine, refining traditional recipes, such as Austrian and Tyrolean classics, with a dash of fresh enthusiasm and combining them with subtle touches of multicultural, modern cuisine.

But everything has generally remained the same: we cook with passion. We still cook what we love – and we know you will love it too.

Breakfast: a key to happiness.

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so they say.

The love of the guests at the Hotel Eggerbräu will be no exception, and so it shouldn’t! We also believe that the smell of fresh coffee, nice and strong, Viennese style, a soft-boiled egg from Imsterberg farm, a warm bread roll from Imst’s favourite baker with fresh butter and home-made jam – served early in the morning with refreshing, quiet warmth – is an important key to the traveller’s happiness; therefore, we pay particular attention to breakfast in our hotel.

If need be, we serve our guests at the crack of dawn up until 10 am. The pleasure is completed with an abundant selection of regional cold meats and cheeses, fresh yoghurt, juices, muesli, fruit and a number of other treats – everything your heart desires!

The host personally wishes everyone “Einen wunderschönen, guten Morgen” every morning and that’s exactly what it is: a wonderful, good morning.

Six localities – you’ll find your favourite place among them.

Such as:
  • A trendy, classy, atmospheric restaurant, with a bit of retro classic thrown in.
  • The great hall, where not-quite-serious nostalgia meets a delightful crowd.
  • The stylish fireplace lounge, where smart casual and new Alpine cosiness invite you to small talk.
  • The covered courtyard veranda with 60 spaces for socialising and where ‘goulash with a difference’ is also served.
  • The street terrace as a meeting place for all those who don’t want to miss out on the important things.
  • And, of course, the bar, which has the atmosphere of a cosy coffee shop during the day, but where all the world and his wife like to meet in the evening.

Among these you will find your favourite place, the most Instagram-worthy selfie spot, or even both. In any case, we hope that taking the time to discover these places is a nice distraction.