Here, people make their lives a celebration.

Sometime at the beginning of the last century, vaults and connecting passages were driven through Imst’s Cavalry Hill (Kalvarienberg), affectionately called “Bårgl” by the people of Imst, which served as wine and storage cellars for the few large hotels at the time.

This created a natural air-conditioning system since the ideal storage temperature in these cellars was around 10 degrees in summer and winter. At the beginning of this century, the landlord of Hotel Eggerbräu, Johannes Gruber, began to develop the cellars, that had been used by his family for generations, into very special event spaces. Today, these premises are considered to be the most iconic event location in the entire region.

In the middle of the town of Imst, just behind the Johanneskirche church, towers the “Imster Bergl”, a geologically unusual formation, formed before the culmination of the last Ice Age, around 26,000 years ago. It is enclosed by two rushing streams – the Malchbach and the Schinderbach – which pour thunderously out of Rosengarten Gorge. At its summit stands one of the oldest churches in Tyrol – the Laurentiuskirche; further north is the Pestkapelle; and directly in front of it is the Johanneskirche. A truly impressive setting for an exceptional venue.

The planning and construction work took a good 5 years; ultimately, every detail, no matter how small, was prepared by hand especially for the Berglkeller. The materials and objects used for this were carefully gathered, piece by piece: nothing was new. Everything has its own special history, even the nails used are the work of an old blacksmith. It starts with the entrance gate – a monster of iron and natural stone weighing almost one and a half tonnes – but thanks to an ancient technique, it moves as easily as a well-oiled door.

Just behind it, an old, huge, wooden barrel opens up; one of the largest beer barrels built by Starkenberger Brewery in its day. This barrel conceals the door to the first party room (an original piece from a 150-year-old farm): a four-metre-high, iron-lined vault, a wooden wheel chandelier suspended with heavy chain in the middle, the long bar found on old wooden barrels at the front, and a special highlight immediately on the right. The beer tap is a cast-iron hydrant that is a good 100 years old (backed with state-of-the-art technology, of course). To the left, behind the rustic, powerful Bullerjan heater (from the present day!), you reach the second, significantly larger room through an old door (this is where bad guys were held prisoner in the old town jail), which at first glance is dominated by a heavy, 10-metre-long, wooden table with benches and a massive wooden vault.

Only upon second glance does the incredible wealth of fascinating details become apparent: the niche with the large regulars’ table, a little hidden by old beams and family altar; the long sideboard made of iron, the indirect lighting with borrowings from mining construction, every corner – every piece is able to tell a little story.

Whatever you want for your event – we offer it in first-class quality!

Eggerbräu’s Berglkeller is the ideal location for all kinds of family and company celebrations – birthday parties, graduations, Christmas parties, promotions, company anniversaries... even weddings have been celebrated in the Bårglkeller.

Bookable packages start with just renting the location and range up to full-service event organisation, including catering, bar staff, service, music and all the trimmings. Hotel Eggerbräu’s team takes it upon themselves to create an extraordinary, fascinating setting for your event, no matter how big or small. It will be very personal and individual to you, in a setting in which will gladly spoil you and your guests with culinary and social delights, according to your wishes and your guests’ expectations. This specifically means: tell us what you want and we will create the idea from that; from the reception to the menu composition to the farewell drink. Coordinated. Forward-looking. Experienced. Professional. Talk to Johannes Gruber. He plans everything meticulously together with you and helps you coordinate your successful event, making a beautiful day into an unforgettable experience.


  • Seats: Maximum 85 people, additional seats at bar and bar tables
  • Offer: Maximum 110 people
  • Electrical installation: Power connection for amplifiers, electronic instruments, music equipment,
  • Light, etc. 230 V/50 Hz shockproof, 16 A
  • Sounds: Music system, speakers in all rooms
  • Heating: Bullerjan hot-air oven, wood

An unparalleled holiday experience...

At Hotel Eggerbräu, you will experience Imst in detail and get to know its most beautiful sides: those that have always interested you and those that you would never have dreamed of. The former perhaps includes a joint hike with the host through the famous Rosengarten Gorge up to the Untermarkter Alm pasture and maybe even further to the legendary Latschenhütte restaurant or even a visit to the unique Fasnacht (carnival) Museum. A visit to Eggerbräu’s Berglkeller certainly belongs in the category of unforgettable holiday dreams. This is located just 400 metres from the hotel, in Imst’s Cavalry Hill, affectionately called “Bårgl” by the people of Imst. A unique geological conglomerate from the last Ice Age, situated in the middle of the town – bordered by two thundering streams – a site of ancient places of worship, centre of religious life and customs, especially during Holy Week and Easter.

The seven chapels built on the “Imster Bergl” were built in the 17th century, the oldest form of representation of the Way of the Cross, which was later extended with wayside shrines.

At its summit, stands the Laurentiuskirche, one of the oldest churches in Tyrol (early 5th century); further north is the Pestkapelle; and directly in front of it is the Johanneskirche. Just behind the Johanneskirche, via a pergola next to the Malchbach stream, you will reach a unique highlight in the town of Imst: The “Bårglkeller”. This was carefully built over many years by the host family in the hotel’s own ancient vaults, deep inside the Bergl. These vaults served Hotel Eggerbräu as a wine cellar and potato store in the past. Today, they are one of the region’s most famous event locations. To meet, desire, drink, enjoy ... and dance until the early morning.

The Eggerbräu’s landlord, Hansi Gruber, doesn’t miss the opportunity to take his hotel guests to his Berglkeller whenever the chance arises: with a guided tour and a drink or as a full-length evening event with a multi-course menu, selected wines, suitable music and all the trimmings. However you experience the Bergkeller, it leaves an impression on the guest, excitement, moments of happiness that they can take home with them, and beautiful memories that last a lifetime.