Tyrolean hotel culture
with charm and spirit

Welcome. You will notice two things as soon as you enter Hotel Eggerbräu. Firstly, the atmosphere of traditional simplicity, accentuated with modern ambience and first-rate comfort. And secondly, the discreet yet caring service from a passionately run family business. Nothing is pretentious and deliberately elegant but rather harmoniously orchestrated and respectfully modernised. But you will also notice that we look forward to your visit here; you are welcome here.

250 years of hospitality.

And more.

Hotel Eggerbräu is located in a small, quiet side street, only around 150 metres from the centre and about the same distance from Imst’s old town square, bordering the old Capuchin monastery to the west, close to magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, as well as the sports centre, the famous climbing centre, and the fascinating Rosengarten Gorge.

Anyone who goes down the narrow, seemingly nostalgic Schustergasse, with its old houses, and then, for the first time, catches a glimpse of the modern hotel building, that broadly and powerfully dominates the scenery, would probably not think that this building looks back on a very long tradition.

This location was already used as an inn 250 years ago. As early as 1764, the well-known factory owner Josef Strele turned the former stately home of the Dinsl zur Angerburg family into an inn. His successor, Johann Georg Dialer, also opened a brewery in 1833 and expanded the inn. After his death, his widow Karolina married the beer expert Michael Egger from the famous Kufstein brewing dynasty, who expanded the premises into an impressive brewery inn and gave the building the name it still bears today. After the chaos of war and many turbulent years, the premises became the property of the brothers Hermann and Martin Krismer in 1929. After extensive renovation and reconstruction work, Hermann’s daughters took over the helm from 1950 onwards, assuring the business its prosperous growth and excellent reputation in the years that followed. 20 years later, the building was ultimately too small and probably too worn out to provide adequate accommodation to discerning guests from all over Europe. For this reason, the old walls came down in 1971 and the architecture of Hotel Eggerbräu, as we know it today, was born.

Since then, not a decade has gone by without adaptation, renovation and expansion. In 2020, this historic site was finally brought up to date: the façades and balconies have been renovated, the rooms completely redesigned; the addition of the fireplace lounge, the terrace, and the courtyard veranda; new lifts installed and much, much more...

Today, the third and fourth generations of the Krismer-Gruber family are the hosts at Hotel Eggerbräu and, just as over the last 250 years, personal service still takes priority here. You can feel it: the guest’s well-being and satisfaction is something very dear to the host family – every day, any time. And there’s the dedicated host team who passionately put their all into everything they do because it is much more than a job – it’s their calling.

A hub since the beginning...

Apparent since 1929 at the latest – since the mother of all hotel bestsellers, Vicki Baum’s novel Grand Hotel: the hotel is a world and the world is also just a hotel.

In retrospect and on a smaller scale, this insight is particularly true for the Eggerbräu because, throughout its long history, the Eggerbräu has always been an important social meeting place.

This is where the somewhat smaller world, culture, politics, clubs and associations met. It is written that “The Eggerbräu offers an almost ideal atmosphere for all kinds of earthly pleasures”. And the annals report on the “the Eggerbräu – the only and first large inn in Imst, a health resort and tourist spot with 20 furnished guest rooms, a theatre and concert hall, a large, shady garden and the large Eggerbräu hall, in which gatherings of 400 to 500 people were still held in 1924.” Concerts with a large band were held here and theatre was even performed. Associations were founded here and politics was discussed. Celebrations were held here and fates lamented. And in the twenties, when pictures finally started to move also in Imst, this happened – of course – at the Eggerbräu!

In a sense, the Eggerbräu’s landlords have been pioneers in entertainment in Imst to this day. The first automatic bowling alley, the first jukebox, the first 5 o’clock tea dance, the first soft ice-cream machine, the first and already legendary event location in the Berglkeller ... since its foundation, they have never stopped looking for new ways to make their guests as happy as they are themselves...

Guests are charmed here by the enjoyment and friendliness.

Hotel Eggerbräu does not pretend to be more than it is and, in spite of this or precisely because of this, it is amazing.

It is not one of the usual big hotels, but rather a comfortable home, run with care by an exceptionally charming host family and their hotel is a mirror of themselves. Especially the hotel bar, the heart of the house, just behind the main entrance. There, landlord Johannes Gruber still stands at the bar himself every day, where he talks and jokes with his guests, serves them, quietly directing the service. Son Christoph works in the kitchen and daughter Bianca provides the charm at reception. Service is managed by his wife Brunhilde in an attentive, warm and charming manner. Adjacent to the bar is the new dining room; tastefully decorated, bright and cheerful with beautiful fabrics and exquisite marble floors.

The large, tasteful dining room – at the back of the building – offers space for up to 150 epicures and still feels a little bit like a room from another era: long, sociable rows of tables, a bright, natural stone floor, heavy fabric curtains. But no matter where you are – you can spend your time there in peace and serenity, watching the convivial hustle and bustle, enjoying your food and your time, feeling comfortable, and being looked after.

Today at a glance:

  • Traditional, family-run hotel
  • In Imst’s old town centre
  • In a quiet side street
  • Adjacent to the monastery garden
  • Parking spaces directly at the hotel
  • 61 rooms in 5 different categories
  • Stylish restaurant and legendary dining room
  • A fireplace lounge and, of course, a bar
  • A street terrace and courtyard veranda
  • In-house event location in the famous Berglkellar

... and on top of all that:

Friendly atmosphere, first-rate service, excellent cuisine that delights in genuine taste, early-bird breakfast service, late check in, WiFi in the entire building, covered parking spaces for bikes and motorbikes that can be locked upon request, Imst Holiday Pass, (occasional) live music... and, of course, a full concierge service from the boss himself, with the best tips, the latest maps and the most creative ideas.